Success Stories
We have asked our patients to share their story so others can benefit from Chiropractic care. We pride ourselves in the quality of health care given in our office and as a direct result, practically all of our patients are referred to us by their friends and loved ones.

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Jeff Bennett, Atlanta Braves Pitcher


Emerson Drive

Brandon Westbrook, MTSU All-Conference Offensive Lineman


As a competitive athlete most of my life, taking care of my body has always been a priority. Years and years of playing tennis ended in lower back pain that didn’t ever seem to go away. Now that I am a competitive powerlifter it is even more important to keep my back and joints healthy. Dr. Bruner has done wonders for helping me ensure that I am consistently feeling great and strong. He really knows how to target my specific issues so that I am perfectly prepared for my competitions. Not to mention, he keeps me injury free and that allows me to enjoy a long and exciting career lifting serious amounts of weight! Dr. B is my chiropractic rock star!

Talia VanDoran

Competitive Powerlifter

(original complaint) Lumbar spine pain in my lower back. I previously had two sets of x-rays and an MRI taken, but still no explanation for the pain. I went through 4-6 weeks of physical therapy, but still had issues. There was pain for a year, but the last 6 months were filled with serious, constant discomfort. I ended up missing several days of school because I was so stiff and sore. I was unable to compete at the USA NKF Nationals that year.

My mother heard Dr. Bruner present about dieting and health. Since receiving chiropractic treatment at Active Life, my life has completely changed. My pain is good as gone. I can train my karate without worrying about my back. I have since returned to tournaments, including winning 2 bronze medals at the USA NKF Nationals in 2010.


(original complaint) I had severe lower back and hip pain and had a hard time walking and sleeping. I was in pain for 10 days prior to my first visit.I was referred by a co-worker. (to Active Life) I was hesitant but it was the best decision to try chiropractic treatment. I am pain free for the most part (unless I overdo it!). Less headaches and (fewer) sinus problems. Dr. Bruner and his staff are wonderful! Best patient care I have ever experienced.


I suffered neck and shoulder pain to the point of having cortisone injections, physical therapy and often took Tylenol/ibuprofen but they only gave temporary relief. I’ve had this condition off and on for many years. It disturbed my sleep and it kept me from what I was used to doing. I found out about Dr. Bruner through the Chamber of Commerce. After a few treatments, the pain had eased and it is now gone completely. I’m sleeping well and am active again. Dr. Bruner and his staff are wonderful!

Rose Ann

My neck was injured when I was rear ended in an auto accident. I had been to a chiropractor years before for my scoliosis and lower back pain. Scoliosis affects the muscles in my back constantly and the pain causes you to alter all aspects of life. But the auto accident caused pain that I did not previously have. A couple days after the accident I saw Dr. Bruner’s office and walked in. I knew I needed some help, so it was meant to be. Chiropractic has helped my neck and the alignment of my spine. I will always have scoliosis but the adjustments lessen my muscle problems.


For 15 years I suffered with sever back pain and spasm with muscle soreness and stiffness. I received physical therapy and often iced but still had the pain. This made me limit my activity and caused fatigue. When I had spasms I was bedridden for a couple days. I found out about Active Life Chiropractic from my medical doctor. Chiropractic care made such a difference, even after the first visit. I’m able to do everything I want and I have a lot more stamina.